5 Commonly Believed Myths About IVF

5 Commonly Believed Myths About IVF

Despite the fact that in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is becoming increasingly popular as a treatment for infertility, there are a number of myths surrounding it. Just because some people assume that IVF therapy is out of reach for the average person, the cost is one of the primary reasons why people do not seek IVF treatment. Aside from the cost, another obstacle is the different misconceptions about infertility treatment that have arisen as a result of several popular IVF myths, leading them to believe that IVF treatment is hazardous to both the mother and the baby.

Of course, one should contemplate therapy only after gathering proper information and understanding the myths and facts related to IVF treatment. The best plan of action is to speak with an infertility specialist at an IVF clinic in Srinagar

Here are some of the very common myths associated with IVF Treatment: 

Myth1: IVF is a Painful Procedure 

This is the most common myth that you must debunk right away. During their treatment, very few women expressed any discomfort. Pick-up and embryo transfers roughly take 15 minutes under general anesthesia, and patients can walk out within 45 minutes and resume normal activities within 24 hours. Some women believe IVF shots are painful, yet this is complete fiction. Pain is difficult to assess because everyone reacts differently to needles, ultrasounds, and vaginal catheters. However, you will not experience any sudden or severe discomfort, and any discomfort you do experience will be controlled. If you do have pain, you should contact your doctor right once. Connect with an IVF clinic in Srinagar to know all about IVF treatment.

Myth 2: IVF Requires Bed Rest 

This is a question that almost every couple asks. Working women come in for Ovum pick up and then return to work. Women can return to normal activities and employment three days following transfer and can work throughout their pregnancy. An IVF pregnancy does not need to be treated any differently than a normal pregnancy. After the embryo transfer, you do not need to stay in bed all the time. In fact, too much bed rest can hurt your IVF chances. This is because too much bed rest prevents your blood flow and heart rate from fluctuating normally. In fact, after the embryo transfer, you should resume normal activities and receive enough rest.

Myths About IVF

Myth 3: Women who undergo IVF go through Menopause earlier

This is another very common myth. Many people have a perception that women who undergo the IVF treatment will go through menopause earlier than they would naturally. This is because their eggs have been removed from the body. However, in the IVF procedure, all that happens is that the eggs get matured for a certain cycle more quickly. Here, more than one cycle's worth of eggs is not removed.

Myth 4: IVF Babies aren’t Normal 

One of the most baseless myths about IVF is that it may cause problems later in life. Assisted Reproduction has resulted in the birth of millions of infants around the world in the last three decades. There has been no scientific proof that this tale is true. In truth, IVF and newer breakthroughs in ART such as PDG/ PGS have made it possible to screen embryos for genetic abnormalities and assist parents with a family history of diseases in having normal children. Children born through IVF are no different from children born naturally.

Myth 5: First Attempt is Always Unsuccessful 

The success rate of IVF is determined by a number of factors, including the woman's age, the quality of her eggs and sperm, and the embryos that result. Implantation odds, as well as the overall fitness of the woman's body to carry out the pregnancy, are determined by tubal variables and uterine condition.

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