Embryo Freezing

Embryo Freezing

Embryo freezing is a medical miracle for all those couples who wish to embrace parenthood at a later stage in their life and also during the IVF treatment for future cycles. In this process, sperm sample is collected from the male partner and eggs are collected from the female partner to create an embryo which is then frozen to use later.

Who can opt for embryo freezing?

  • Couple patients where one or both the partner are about to begin any medical treatment which can have an impact on their fertility like cancer treatment
  • Couples who want to delay conception for various reasons

Embryo freezing process

Step 1- Medical Examination

The couple patient is asked to come in for medical examination wherein various tests are performed to determine the fertility status of the female partner and sperm quality & quantity of the male partner.

Step 2- Hormonal Stimulation

Herein, medication is given to both female and male patient so as to increase the number of matured eggs (in female) & healthy sperm (in male).

Step 3- Embryo Collection

Herein the mature eggs of the female are collected through egg retrieval process and the healthy sperm of the male is collected either through a fresh semen sample or directly through the testicles. The mature egg and sperm are then fertilized together to create embryos.

Step 4- Embryo Freezing

Under this process, the best embryos are chosen and frozen using the vitrification process which is done usually for 1 year. But the time period can be extended as per the client’s requirements.

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