Complete Fertility Work-up

Complete Infertility Work-up

When you are trying for a child and it isn’t happening due to one or the other reason, then it is but obvious that you would think about taking professional help. With so many options and centers offering their services, it becomes difficult for a couple to decide which treatment would best suit their condition. However, before being swept away by any expensive medical solution, you should consider ‘Complete fertility work-up’ once. Maybe your condition doesn’t require that treatment; maybe your problem can be solved with a simpler yet more effective and inexpensive treatment.

Complete fertility work up

At Benison IVF & healthcare clinic in Dwarka, Delhi, we try to establish a bond with our patients. We understand their problems to the best of our abilities and provide with a treatment which is both medically as well as economically feasible to our patient’s needs. That is why, we advise all our visiting patient couples to go for initial fertility workup which helps us decide what treatment is required for them.

We offer fertility workup for both our male & female patients.

In case of Females

  • They need to undergo trans-vaginal ultrasounds for evaluation of ovarian reserve & their uterus’s condition.
  • Blood tests are also performed to determine their ovulation cycle and egg quality.
  • In some cases hysteroscopy or laparoscopy is also performed where required.

In case of Males

  • They need to undergo a semen analysis which helps determine the quality , quantity as well as the presence of any dysfunctionality in their sperm.
  • Blood tests are also performed.

Why choose us?

  • We believe that patient coordination is of utmost importance
  • We are constantly evaluating through various methods so as to make the fertility process more patient friendly
  • We work with only the best of technicians and advanced technology at par with all international health standards.

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