The need for surrogacy arrives when a woman is not able to conceive or carry a child in her womb. Thereupon, a surrogate mother’s help is taken who carries the child for the patient couple. Both the parties enter into a legal agreement wherein the surrogate mother is bound to hand over the child after birth to the patient couple and doesn't keep any claim over it.

Surrogacy is valid for

Women who are

  • Advanced age
  • Repeated miscarriages
  • Have had hysterectomy i.e.uterus removal
  • Repetitive IVF failure
  • Underdeveloped or absence of uterus
  • Any medical condition that makes pregnancy dangerous

High cost of surrogacy has always been a hindrance for many couples who otherwise require it. Considering this, we at Benison IVF have designed special packages so that surrogacy is no more a treatment out of reach. Do not lose hope, come forth and avail this opportunity