Follicular Monitoring

Follicular Monitoring

Follicular monitoring is an essential part of in vitro fertilization i.e. IVF process. Right from determining the fertility status of the female patient to the time of egg retrieval, follicular monitoring is required at regular intervals for the successful completion of the IVF process.

What is follicular monitoring?

It refers to investigating and assessing the follicles at pre-determined intervals so to check for their growth and development as per the requirements in the IVF process. These follicles are checked from time to time so as to enable production of good quality eggs which in turn increases the chances of successful fertilization resulting in pregnancy.

As we all know by now, the quality as well the quantity of matured eggs matters a lot in fertilization because without it, the sperm cannot be fertilized to create high quality embryos.

Follicular Monitoring process at Benison

  • At Benison IVF & healthcare clinic, we provide specialized follicular monitoring service that helps in getting the through report about the development of follicles inside the female patient.
  • Our process starts from the 2nd day of the menstrual cycle of the female patient and contuse till the day of the egg retrieval process.
  • During the process we check for shape, quantity as well as quality of the eggs produced inside the ovaries at regular intervals.
  • After checking the follicles and finding them in good condition, we enhance their growth through hormonal stimulation achieved via injections.
  • Once the eggs become mature, they are collected via egg retrieval process.

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