IVF with Donor Egg

IVF with Donor Egg

The success of an IVF treatment depends upon the quality of egg available. For some women, due to many reasons, the quality of egg produced is very low. Such low quality eggs leads to less or no chances of fertilisation. In such cases, a better alternative to become a parent is through IVF with donor eggs.

In recent decades, parents across the country are shedding their stigma towards bearing a child with donor eggs. When nothing is possible to bear a child on your own, taking eggs from donors is the best option.

The Egg from the donor can be collected during the time of the procedure or can be collected up front and preserve it in a Cryo facility.

Our facilities at Delhi NCR and other regions have state-of-the-art Cryo storage facilities to ensure that the quality of donor eggs are not degraded. Fertilisation, insemination and embryo placement all are done in a scientific manner.

Where IVF with donor egg is applicable?

  • Women with advanced maternal age - at this age, women tend to produce low quality eggs
  • Poor ovarian reserve - causes may be varied
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • When the mother is suffering from a genetic condition that can be passed on to the child

IVF with donor egg process

Step 1- A suitable donor is selected for a couple after screening

Step 2- Donor is given hormonal injection to form eggs

Step 3- Recipient female is also given medication to prepare a uterus for embryo implantation

Step 4- Once the donor’s eggs are mature, they are collected in a process called egg retrieval. These are eggs are then combined with the sperm of the patient male.in a laboratory to create several embryos.

Step 5- The best embryo is then transferred into the uterus of the patient female and remaining embryos are kept for future pregnancies if requested by the couple.

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  • Donors in our centres are taken only from registered ART banks and selected only after various screening tests,
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