IVF With Donor Sperm

IVF With Donor Sperm

Parenthood is a precious feeling. Due to some unwarranted reasons when the male partner is unable to produce sperm, IVF procedure with donor sperm is the popular method to become a parent. The sperm is collected from an anonymous donor from among the sperm donor bank. The anonymous sperm and the egg of the female partner are fertilised through artificial insemination and the fertilised eggs are placed back into the uterus of the female.

Benison IVF & Healthcare in Dwarka(Delhi) is associated with the best sperm donor banks available in the country. We validate the health of the sperm collected by passing it through various tests. Only the best quality sperm are used in our IVF process.

We understand your concerns regarding donor sperm. This is why we maintain complete anonymity about the donor and the patient couple for whom the sperm is used. We strictly follow patient-doctor confidentiality. Also, through our counselling support we help the patient couple to handle the emotional aspect of having a child from a donor sperm.

Who can opt for IVF with donor sperm?

  • Where male partner has a low sperm count
  • Where male partner has sub optimal semen parameters
  • When male partner is unable to produce a healthy, active sperm
  • When male partner is suffering from a genetic condition that can be passed on to the child
  • If the male partner has undergone or undergoing for cancer treatment

IVF with Donor Sperm process

The process here is similar to the process of any IVF treatment except for the sperm part.

  • Female patient’s ovaries are given medical stimulation to promote the growth of follicles.
  • Then the mature eggs are retrieved in a process called egg retrieval under the guidance of an embryologist
  • The embryo is then transferred into the uterus of the female patient

Why Benison IVF & healthcare clinic?

We believe children are a god’s gift on earth and not a single person should be deprived of that gift. It is why, we extend our full support to you and walk with you at every stage, right from the start of the treatment to the delivery of the child. Our competent team of doctors & technicians along with our state of the art infrastructure and advanced technology provide you the right guidance & treatment at affordable costs. At Benison IVF you get IVF treatment customised for you. Donor sperms are obtained only from registered ART banks. The donors are selected only after screening tests.