Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing

Our egg freezing facility works wonder as it gives you a chance to try for parenthood at our desire time without any worries of age, medical condition or any other such problem. Herein the eggs of a woman are retrieved and checked for quality. Then the best eggs are frozen using the highly advanced technological processes as per the client’s desired time be it a year or more than that!

Who can opt for the egg freezing process?

  • Patients who are about to begin a medical treatment that can cause negative impact on their child bearing abilities in the future like cancer patients
  • Women who want to postpone their pregnancy for various other reasons

Egg freezing process

Step 1- Medical examination

The female patient is asked to come for a medical examination in which various tests are conducted on her to determine the quality of her eggs as well as her fertility status.

Step 2- Hormonal Stimulation

The patient is then given hormonal stimulation through medication so as to ensure the development of healthy eggs inside her. It also increases the number of matured eggs which are later on preserved.

Step 3- Egg Retrieval

This process, also known as egg collection is a painless method in which eggs are retrieved from a woman’s uterus under sedation.

Step 4- Egg Freezing

Under this process, eggs are frozen using the vitrification process. The time period is determined as per the patient’s requirements.

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