Ovulation Induction Cycle

Ovulation Induction Cycle

Ovulation induction cycle (OI Cycle) is a simple method in which medical stimulation is given to the female patient’s ovaries so as to promote the growth of follicles and stimulate egg development. Thereafter follicular monitoring is done to see development of eggs.

This method is very useful where the female is unable to produce mature eggs for one or the other reasons. Ovulation is the time period in which the chances of conceiving for a woman increase by manifolds. So, if for some reason her ovulation cycle is not working properly, ovulation induction is provided with the aid of stimulants and monitored thereafter.

In a menstrual cycle on an average, ovulation that is the release of eggs, happens around 14th day. Ovulating days are the most fertile days for a woman to conceive. In women having problems with ovulation, fertilization of an egg becomes difficult. For them, the Ovulation Induction Cycle (OIC) method is used to medically stimulate the ovaries, promote the growth of follicles and monitor their development.

OIC is also one of the steps in achieving conception through IUI or Intrauterine Insemination. The method is most successfully used among women having problems in developing mature eggs.

Through this method, by using oral or inject able medicines the patient will be made to produce multiple eggs. The proper time for sexual intercourse or artificial insemination can be advised.

For patients who require OIC, Benison IVF takes special care in the form of medications and tools used. Often, patients who undergo OIC face side effects that cause severe discomfort. But our medications have minimal side effects on the patients. The precision tools we use are state-of-the-art.

Who can opt for ovulation induction cycle?

  • Women having irregular ovulation cycle
  • Women suffering from anovulation
  • Women who are not able to regularly develop mature follicles or eggs PCOD patients

Ovulation induction cycle process

  • Follicular Monitoring through ultrasound scans to ascertain the strength of follicles.
  • Stimulation of ovaries through medication to generate eggs.
  • Pelvic ultrasound can also provide a lot of help in assessing endometriosis, endometrial lining & helps determine the development of the follicles.

This method is quite safe and doesn’t cause any harm to the female patients. However in some cases a patient might suffer from a mild fatigue, discomfort in lower abdomen and bloating. But it goes away within no time.

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