Celebrate Motherhood by Visiting the Best Infertility Doctor Today!

Celebrate Motherhood by Visiting the Best Infertility Doctor Today!

Fertility is a boon. For a man, being a father could be the happiest day of his life. Using the power to create a life in itself is a blessing. However, for a woman, being a mother can mean so much more. So how about gifting yourself the joy of being a mother by consulting the best infertility doctor in Srinagar?

Ways to promote female fertility:

By taking care of these few lifestyle choices, women can promote their chances of fertility:

  • Maintaining a healthy BMI: Ensuring that a healthy weight is maintained becomes crucial. Normal ovulation can be inhibited when a person is overweight or significantly underweight. 

  • Healthy diet: A balanced diet with the intake of required vitamins and nutrients helps promote fertility.

  • An irregular sleep pattern: For women who were found to be working a night shift, the chances of infertility showed a rise. An irregular sleep pattern can affect hormone production. Therefore, getting proper sleep is as crucial as eating healthy. One can also work on reducing the amount of stress in their life by using relaxation techniques. 

Minimize the use of or cut down on?

For women who are facing the problem of infertility, the best doctor in Srinagar will advise you to cut down on the following:

  • Reduce smoking as smoking is a leading factor in the aging of the ovaries and depleting the egg prematurely. 

  • Limit the amount of the consumption of alcohol because it is related to an increased risk of ovulation disorders.

  • Curb the amount of caffeine intake.

  • Overexercising can be harmful to the body too. Over-exercising can cause the reduced production of the hormone progesterone.

  • Prevent the overexposure to toxins. Coming in contact with pollution, pesticides, and dry-cleaning agents for a longer duration can also hamper fertility in women. 

The bottom line is, that infertility can be prevented up to some extent. For someone who is concerned about the right fertility choices, get in touch with the best IVF Centre in Delhi NCR today. Gift yourself a new chance to bring a tiny little life into this world, this mother’s day, i.e., 8 May 2022.


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