Glimpses of Latest Rules & Regulations in ART

Glimpses of Latest Rules & Regulations in ART

As Per Gazette notification dated 21 Jan 2022, the Provisions of the Assisted Reproduction Technology (Regulation) ACT,2021 (42 of 2021), came into force from 25th Jan 2022.

Out of the Various rules of this ACT, few are written here which may be of interest in your treatment especially the ones involving Donor egg/Sperm Cycles.

The Intending Couple or Woman will purchase a general health Insurance cover in favor of the Oocyte donor for a period of 12 months from an Insurance company or Agent recognized by IRDA for an amount sufficient enough to cover all expenses for all complications arising due to Oocyte retrieval.

The Intending couple shall sign an Affidavit before the metropolitan magistrate or Judicial Magistrate First class giving guarantee as per sec 22(4)(II) of the ART ACT 2021.

A single egg or sperm Donor cannot be assigned to more than one commissioning Couple.

An oocyte Donor shall donate an oocyte only once in her life as per the gazette notification No. CG-DL-E-21122021-232025.


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