Journey of Patient with Benison IVF

Journey of Patient with Benison IVF

IVF is becoming the most popular therapy for infertility around the globe. Even in the most difficult situations of infertility, this miracle method has made it possible to welcome a new life. At Benison IVF and Health Care Clinic, our vision is to help couples realize their dream of parenthood. We believe in personalized care, as a result, each patient's journey is unique. If you're thinking about IVF but aren't sure what it includes, here's a rundown of what to anticipate.

The Journey of a Patient with Benison IVF:

Counselling and Evaluation 

Patients who wish to opt for infertility treatment initially visit us for an evaluation of their condition. The patient may be suffering from primary or secondary infertility, as well as male or female factor infertility.

Initially, regular blood and ultrasound testing are undertaken. This is to determine the source of your condition. The male partner goes through semen analysis. Ovarian reserves must be examined thoroughly in patients over 35 to determine reproductive levels. This alternative is available to those patients who cannot produce their eggs or have an inadequate count of sperm.


Hormone Stimulation and Ovum Pickup

On the second or third day of your menstrual cycle, gonadotrophins are administered to begin ovarian stimulation. A hysteroscopy may also be used to rule out any endometrial disease, such as a pop or a submucous fibroid. To monitor ovarian stimulation for 10-12 days, ultrasonography is used. A trigger injection will be administered after the eggs have grown to a diameter of 18-20 mm.

The eggs are removed from the ovaries after 36 hours of receiving the trigger shot. Anesthesia is used for ultrasound-guided surgery. A sample of your partner's sperm is obtained on the same day as your own.


Sperm and eggs are placed together in a petri dish in a laboratory to fertilize and create an embryo. When sperm quality or quantity is an issue, or if fewer eggs are recovered, our infertility specialist may perform Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), in which a single sperm is inserted into a mature egg under a high-power microscope for fertilization.

Transfer of the Embryo

Blastocysts are placed into the uterus after five days of egg harvest. Two embryos are transferred at a time. The remaining embryos may be frozen for future use if necessary.

Pregnancy Test

A beta HGC test is used to confirm pregnancy 14 days after the embryo transfer procedure has been completed. These 14 days will be filled with medicine to aid the procedure, but you are free to go about your daily routine during this time. Pregnancy begins when the test results come back positive.

Benison IVF and Health Care Clinic is your reliable Infertility Specialist in Delhi committed to helping you realize your dream of parenthood. We take utmost care of our patients, offering lodging facilities and other amenities as well. Connect with us to discuss further!


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