Myths and Misconceptions Associated With IVF

Myths and Misconceptions Associated With IVF

What is IVF?

IVF is one of the most effective fertility solutions. It requires the precise combination of sperm and egg in an artificial petri dish. For implantation, the best-matured embryo (or embryos) is subsequently implanted in utero after 5 days (maturing to the blastocyst stage). An IVF therapy is often suggested only to couples who have exhausted all other viable choices.

What are the myths around IVF?

  • IVF babies are born with health issues

In reality, IVF babies are equally as healthy as naturally conceived ones. Because they were brought to life in the laboratory, doesn’t imply that these newborns are inferior to those born naturally.

  • Women who undergo IVF are likely to reach menopause early!

The idea that women who undergo IVF would experience menopause sooner than normal because their eggs have been taken from the body is total fiction. The only thing IVF does is speed up the maturation of eggs within a certain period.

  • IVF always leads to multiple pregnancies

‍Nearly nine out of ten women who undergo IVF have just one child; this is a common misconception that has yet to be dispelled. In the past, multiple pregnancies were common in IVF because two or three embryos were placed in the womb of the mother to increase the chances of conception - whereas now, with new technology and advances in treatment, only one embryo is used- and thus it is a single baby that is conceived.

  • The procedure is painful

‍ IVF isn't as painful as many people assume it is. Aside from a few days of discomfort, there is no further difficulty in the treatment to deal with throughout 10-14 injections. Under anesthesia, the patient does not feel any discomfort while collecting eggs.

  • IVF is unnatural

A baby's genetic make-up is derived from both a man and a woman, and this method is deemed natural. Fertility specialists utilise IVF to assist couples to become parents when natural means aren't an option due to tubal blockage or insufficient male sperm, as well as other factors.

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