On this Doctor's Day: Understand Fertility Specialist and How They Work Wonders

On this Doctor's Day: Understand Fertility Specialist and How They Work Wonders

A doctor does not fight for freedom at the border but works devotedly to save uncountable lives and increase life expectancy. When it comes to unanticipated medical situations or contingencies, the doctors stay at the frontlines for the general public. The contribution put forth by doctors to save human health exceeds everything. To honour the hard work and resilience of professionals and physicians in the medical field, every year, March 30 is celebrated as Doctor’s Day in the USA. While in India, the day is celebrated on July 1. Furthermore, with the COVID-19 Pandemic affecting lives across the globe, the necessity of doctors has never been felt more before. While they have worked so diligently to help and save many lives, they managed to develop new treatments over years to ensure people lead healthy lives. Consider the field of fertility. There was a time when infertility was considered a curse, and many couples ended up in the pit of depression. Thanks to our doctors and health professionals, who came up with incredible solutions to address the issue of fertility. The treatments have helped numerous infertile couples welcome a bundle of joy into their lives through IVF. Fertility specialists, as the name suggests, are not typical physicians who can assist you with general medical contingencies. A fertility specialist is a gynecologist who is equipped with skills, experience, and additional training to deal with problems related to the reproductive organ in men and women. There are numerous reasons why your primary care doctor would recommend you to visit a fertility specialist. Below enlisted are a few of them:


✔ If you are facing difficulty in conceiving a baby for more than six months if you are 35 or older or more than a year if you are younger.

✔ Trying to conceive while exhibiting symptoms or risk factors for infertility, including irregular period cycles, genetic problems, or prior STDs ( Sexually Transmitted Diseases), even if treated already.

✔ If you have incurred two or more miscarriages in the past few months or years.

✔ If you have been diagnosed with cancer and require guidance on how to preserve your fertility before starting treatments or post-treatment.

Now that you know the types of fertility specialists, you may connect with one as per your condition. If you need consultation and treatment for IVF or surrogacy, visit us at Benison IVF & Healthcare Centre, the best IVF centre in Delhi NCR. We have onboard a team of leading fertility specialists who can assist you conceive and building a family. Call now or write to us today.


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