On World Health Day Learn 5 Tips for IVF Success

On World Health Day Learn 5 Tips for IVF Success

7th April, on World Health Day, every year we come together to celebrate the founding of WHO.

Well, this year, let’s beat infertility!

When couples commence planning, it begins with putting a pause on birth control and accept to conceive a baby. In vitro fertilization is one of the most trusted and effective methods that help many infertile couples with pregnancy. You must know that the odds of conceiving? The processes are just 15%-20%, it is important to know how to boost the chances of a successful IVF journey.

While for many couples, simple medication works wonders and they end up conceiving, however for some IVF is recommended. Since many believe that the treatment can be complicated, exhausting, and expensive, connect with us at Benison, the best test tube baby center in Delhi that brings you effective treatments at the best price.

Listed below are 5 tips for you to consider that will support your IVF journey:

1. RESEARCH & DO YOUR HOMEWORK: Choosing the best IVF centre is important as it helps improve the chance of pregnancy. Since clinics vary in terms of doctors’ experience, skills, and conditions in which the embryo will grow. You must make a list of prospective clinics that offer IVF to find out the followings:

  • Embro transfer to pregnancy ratio

  • Accreditation and board certification of the doctor

  • Pregnancy rates for couples with a fertility issue

  • Cost and overall expense

  • How long the embryo can be stored

2. CONSUME GOOD FATS: As per a recent study done by the Harvard School of Public Health, eating foods that contain monounsaturated fats help women who are trying to conceive a baby via IVF. Good fats or Mono-Unsaturated fats play a key role in protecting your heart and reducing the inflammation in the body, working wonders in improving the chance to get pregnant. Ask your specialist to plan a special diet for you during IVF.


3. MEDITATION:  Along with other benefits of meditation and de-stressing activities, it also helps improve the chance of conceiving a baby. You may not know but stress affects the reproductive system and reduces the chance of IVF success. Meditation helps reduce stress and allow your body to function properly.

4. AVOID LOW GIF AND CAFFEINE: Foods with low GI take time to digest and maintain a healthy blood glucose level, during treatment patient should avoid caffeine or alcohol. Intake of processed meals with a high GI is bad for your body as they elevate inflammation, which may affect the hormone level of your body. It is advised to avoid consumption.

5. MAINTAIN SLEEP SCHEDULE: Yes, it is important for your sleep cycle to be normal during your IVF session. You are advised to go to bed early to get eight hours of sleep every day. Why? It will help regulate the melatonin levels in your body which will improve your physical as well as emotional health.

To get more information, a consultant with the expert infertility specialist in Delhi at Benison IVF.


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