Things You Should Do Before IVF

Things You Should Do Before IVF

A diagnosis of infertility can make your world go upside down in a second. You might start feeling powerless and try your best to become pregnant. Moreover, as tests and treatments become a part of your life, you lay all your focus on the result- a healthy and successful pregnancy. Now the power, seemingly, comes in the hands of advanced reproductive science.

However, the truth is, even though fertility treatments, such as IVF, are partially dependent on advanced technologies, you and your body, your spouse, and your body are also factors in this journey of growing a family. Therefore, there are several things you should do to prepare yourself and promote a healthy IVF treatment-  

  • Improve your Fitness Regime - There’s no doubt that General health can have an effect on your IVF outcome. Therefore, you need to do plenty of heart-healthy exercises for a minimum of 30 minutes per day and 5 days per week. Focus on pursuing activities that boost your heart rate so that it lowers your blood pressure, combat diabetes, and gain health benefits that improve your odds for IVF success. 

  • Cut back on Caffeine - After you decide to conceive through IVF, it is essential to monitor your caffeine intake. As per recent research, an excess of caffeine in a daily diet disrupts your ability to conceive via IVF to 50%. It is recommended that women consume less than three cups of coffee in a day or the equivalent of caffeine from any other source.

  • Consider your Age - Age is one of the most important factors that influence the success of IVF. For women, successful IVF outcomes begin to drop at the age of 35 and drop significantly after the age of 40. Therefore, if you are considering IVF, do not wait too long to begin the treatment. If you are concerned about your age as a hindrance to your treatment, you can connect with a specialist to discuss other options.


  • Reduce your stress - These days, our lives and the internet are flooded with stress and ways to deal with it, respectively. It may seem to keep stress at bay on a normal day. However, when you are dealing with stress due to infertility and IVF treatment, it feels like stress has become a part of your life. If you keep taking stress, not only will it interfere with the conception and IVF success but also affect your overall health. This is why you should know how to deal with this stress. Do stress-busting practices such as yoga, massage, meditation, daily walks, and journaling regularly. This way, you will learn lifelong ways to deal with inevitable stresses and improve your chances for IVF success. 

  • Take Supplements (Only if your doctor recommends them) - An IVF specialist in Delhi will recommend the intake of certain multivitamins when you are trying to conceive. However, certain supplements should be included in addition to the standard mix. As per a study, DHEA and CoQ10 may have an impact on egg quality. As always, check with your physician before taking any supplements. 

In the end, Your Patience and Persistence will pay off!

IVF is a journey that might take time to reach the destination of a healthy pregnancy. As difficult as it can be, push yourself to remain patient and stay the course. Understanding this ahead of time will help you prepare yourself and your spouse for the long road ahead. And to cross this road, you require an IVF specialist who can look into the matter and assist you with the best. We at Benison IVF & Healthcare clinic offer IVF services to infertile couples at affordable costs. Bring a lifetime of happiness and joy into your life with our IVF specialist in Delhi. Call now or visit our website to book an appointment today.


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