What To Expect When You Are Expecting With an IVF Pregnancy?

What To Expect When You Are Expecting With an IVF Pregnancy?

Happiness, disbelief, excitement – these are just some of the many emotions that a soon-to-be mom goes through when they get pregnant with IVF. It is indeed an incredibly emotional moment for couples who have been trying to conceive a baby. As this is a life-transforming experience, there are several things that you may not be aware of. 

This blog has been curated for all such mothers who have recently become pregnant through IVF and are in the early stages of their pregnancy. Read along the sections to find out what to expect during your IVF pregnancy. 

Taking a Pregnancy Test 

Taking an early pregnancy test is a strict no-no. After the egg retrieval, your doctor will schedule a blood test approximately after two weeks of egg retrieval. If you take a pregnancy test just the day after you receive the injection, chances are that your test might come positive, but that is due to the hCG hormone and not because you are pregnant. Hence, it is advised to wait for at least two weeks. 

Progesterone Support 

Most women think that their treatment is over once they get a positive pregnancy test result, but that isn’t true. Even after you test positive, you will be kept on progesterone support depending upon your condition. 

Ultrasound Follow-Ups 

In the earlier stage of your pregnancy, your fertility doctor will direct you to have one or two ultrasounds. This is mainly done to check for multiple pregnancies.

Releasing to a Regular Obstetrician 

After the 8th or 10th week, you will be transferred to a regular OB – obstetrician. Most IVF pregnancies are handled by regular obstetricians. It will be a comparatively newer experience for you as visits to OBs are much laid back and do not require intense monitoring. 

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