Common IVF Mistakes Couples Make

Common IVF Mistakes Couples Make

It is inherent in human nature to make mistakes. At times, not only do mistakes empty your bank but dishearten you too. Blunders in infertility treatments might be the result of more than just random circumstances. Emotions such as feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or just scared can be seen on the faces of infertile couples who undergo these treatments.

IVF, one of the most popular treatments for infertility, is also not exempt from this issue. Errors will inevitably occur during the procedure. You need not, however, be committed to making some of these mistakes while taking IVF treatment:  

1. Not Keeping Calm!

It is worth noting that IVF can be mentally and physically exhausting. As you and your spouse are starting off a new journey, the process might be stressful. However, most infertile couples tend to increase the level of discomfort in their journey. This additional stress can prove harmful and have a direct impact on your medical results. 

Therefore, instead of worrying about what is going to happen the next moment, you should try to channelize your mind towards calmness. Try to stay away from tension, and make time for yoga and meditation to help yourself ease. 

2. Waiting for too long to opt for  IVF

It is a common misconception that IVF is for older women. However, younger women have more chances of conceiving a baby in the first cycle. You must not wait till the late 30s to opt for an IVF treatment. This is because age plays a significant role in the success of IVF treatment. As a woman ages, the chances of fertilization decrease. So it is important to get IVF treatment when it seems required. 


3. Resting throughout the process

As already mentioned, IVF can be exhausting. However, this does not suggest that you must rest completely during the IVF procedure. Unwanted thoughts might also find a place in your mind when you are inactive, lying in bed, or waiting for results. We don't advocate exerting yourself, but a balance must always be maintained. After giving your body the rest it requires, you can carry on with your normal day.

4. Messing with the IVF Routines

A disorganized almirah is acceptable, but a disorganized routine is not, especially when it comes to IVF. Being prepared in advance is the solution if you frequently forget where you keep your belongings. Avoid skipping your doctor's appointments. Additionally, make an effort to keep a supply of prescriptions and avoid stocking up at the last minute.

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These suggestions may not seem radical, but their effects can be costly. You can start taking unnecessary tension as a result. It would be an understatement to say that IVF is a huge event. So, try to stay as organized in your life as much as you can. 

Key Takeaway

IVF does not come with a success-guarantee card. The procedure works differently for every couple that undergoes the process, depending upon their case, body, overall health, and more. However, if you stay careful and avoid the above-mentioned mistakes during the process, you can boost your chances of conceiving. Also, if you need IVF Services in Srinagar, you may connect with Benison IVF & Healthcare Centre. At our IVF centre in Srinagar, we have set up an OPD in the region to provide full diagnosis and follow-up services for IVF. Schedule an appointment to know more and take IVF services in Srinagar.


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