IVF Failure: Be Back to IVF or Take a Break

IVF Failure: Be Back to IVF or Take a Break

When it comes to fertility treatments, many couples feel like they're in a time crunch - they're eager to have a baby as quickly as possible. Often, couples start fertility treatments right away, even after a failed IVF, and don't think about taking a break before starting the next cycle. But is taking a break between IVF cycles really a smart idea?

The answer is yes. Couples should take a break between IVF cycles for several important reasons, as mentioned below:

1. Rest to the body

Taking a break gives the body a chance to rest and recover from the physical and emotional toll of fertility treatments. During this time, a couple can reflect on how the previous cycle went and make any adjustments they think are necessary before they proceed with the next cycle.

This time can also be used to make lifestyle changes that can further improve the chance of success with the next cycle.2.

2. Ensures emotional wellbeing

Couples who have experienced a failed IVF might experience not only physical problems but also mental and emotional stress. It might be tough for some people to get over it. In addition to allowing the body to recharge, taking a break between cycles can also help couples prepare emotionally.


3. Strengthens bond

The IVF process can be incredibly stressful, and couples need a chance to take a step back and focus on themselves and their relationship. A break between cycles can help couples regroup and focus on what is most important for each other.

4. Improves the chances of success

Finally, there is some evidence that taking a break between IVF cycles can actually benefit the outcome of the next cycle. Studies have found that couples who took a new month off between IVF cycles had better implantation rates than couples who continued with IVF treatment without a break. Overall, taking a break between IVF cycles is highly recommended for couples who are opting for fertility treatments. This break gives couples the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate, better prepare emotionally and physically, and possibly even improve their chance of success with the next cycle.

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How the best infertility doctor in Srinagar can help?

For couples considering fertility treatments, consulting with an infertility doctor about the benefits of taking a break between IVF cycles is highly recommended. A specialist can identify any underlying physical or mental issues that may need to be addressed prior to starting a cycle, as well as suggest other lifestyle and diet modifications that may increase the chances of a successful cycle. Avail the best care, treatment, and consultation at Benison IVF!

While the second IVF cycle may feel like a delay, taking a break between IVF cycles is an important part of the fertility treatment process and should not be overlooked. If you are looking for a trustworthy facility providing the best IVF treatment, don't forget to visit us at Benison IVF. We have helped several couples to live their dream of becoming parents with the help of our state-of-the-art infrastructure and the best infertility doctor in Srinagar. We at Benison IVF would like to be a reason for your happiness with our best IVF facility. To book your appointment, contact us today!


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