Tips for Success in Your IVF Journey

Tips for Success in Your IVF Journey

The embryo transfer is the last phase in a drawn-out process toward starting a family. Planning, injections, appointments, and typically some ups and downs on the infertility roller coaster are all part of every road up to an embryo transfer, despite how different each one is. Your anxiety can be reduced, and your chances of success can be increased by preparing for this day and understanding what to expect. Given below are some of the tips that you can follow. However, you can visit the best IVF centre in Srinagar for more information. 

Embryo Transfer: What Is It?

It is the last stage of the IVF process. Hormone-inducing drugs, and injections are administered during the IVF treatment to encourage the release of healthy eggs from the ovaries. In order to create an embryo or embryos, the eggs are removed from the ovaries and fertilised in a lab with recovered sperm. With a thin, long catheter and ultrasound equipment, the healthy and live embryo is implanted in the uterus through the cervical opening into the uterine cavity.

Choose a doctor with the most experience.

Your clinic will inform you that an embryo transfer is common. At Bension IVF, we make sure that your embryo transfer is done by our expert IVF specialists. Ideally, they will be the one who has overseen your care to this far. However, you are the one paying and the patient.

Experience is crucial. You want the best, and a trained practitioner has a steady hand. 

Don't have a hydrosalpinx.

A priority during the embryo transfer Hydrosalpinges is prohibited. A hydrosalpinx is fluid in one or both fallopian tubes, and it's frequently linked to endometriosis or a past sexually transmitted disease.

IVF treatment may be impacted. The bothersome fluid may seep into the uterus, interfere with the lining of your womb, and wreak havoc on the embryo you just transferred. Getting an ultrasound and hysterosalpingogram (HSG) well before starting your treatment makes sense.


Follow the directions on your prescriptions.

You'll probably be taking progesterone and other supporting medications, whether you're having a fresh or frozen embryo transferred, so make sure you have enough of them and that you take them according to your doctors instructions. Also, keep them close at hand, and include a note from your doctor's office stating why you must bring your medicines (including needles) wherever you go.

Test again and again.

Although it may seem simple, clinics that skip important pre-treatment examinations shouldn't be trusted. They are more concerned with their financial account than your embryo transfer if they don't demand important results. Hormone profiling (FSH, AMH, etc.) for IVF patients using their own eggs is essential. The same goes for a mid-cycle transvaginal scan of your reproductive organs and a male partner's semen analysis.

Consider transferring two embryos if you are over 40. 

Avoid being tricked into believing that transferring just one embryo is always best. Generally speaking, it is, but not always. A recent IVF study questioned the one-at-a-time restriction for women over 40.

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But in most cases, transferring just one embryo seems to make sense. Having two increases the likelihood of multiple pregnancies and the associated difficulties. Generally speaking, it depends on the patient’s age and previous fertility profile.

Consult your doctor about taking supplemental oestrogen and progesterone.

An optimum environment for implantation and early growth of the embryo can be created for the embryo by carefully managing hormone supplementation before and after transfer.

Everyone should have the chance to start a family since parenthood is a blessing that is shared by all. Benison IVF is a top IVF clinic that has been offering fertility treatments for decades. We are here to support patients and ensure infertility treatment with a high success rate. Also, we have various facilities available at some of our best IVF centres in Srinagar, Karnal, Anantnag, Delhi, and Haldwani. 


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