Know How IVF Techniques Have Transformed The Lives of Infertile Couples?

Know How IVF Techniques Have Transformed The Lives of Infertile Couples?

A common type of assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment for infertility is in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Over the last few decades, this procedure of Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) has proved to be a boon given by humans to humans. The first step in IVF is fertilising an egg outside a woman's body in a specialist facility. It is frequently carried out after other attempts to become pregnant have failed. Indeed, IVF has given a ray of hope to infertile couples who have been dreaming of a child for many years.

There are many things that have made IVF services in Srinagar, Shimla, Delhi, and other areas popular. This includes specialist and professional IVF specialists, cutting-edge technology, modern infrastructure, and many more.

Let's look at the various types of advanced IVF treatment and their success rate in India:

  • Advancement Of Technology

Couples struggling with infertility have found success using IVF to conceive. An essential point to note is that the success rate of IVF treatment is also rising with the development of technology and treatment methods. Given below are some of the most popular techniques used in IVF:


  • ICSI

ICSI is intracytoplasmic sperm injection - a procedure involving injecting sperm into the egg. If there is a problem with sperm quality, sperm motility, or low sperm count, this method can be helpful. In the past, doctors recommended using donor sperm for fertilisation in such circumstances.

  • Embryoscope

The main cause of unsuccessful conception is the embryo's failure to develop. This cutting-edge IVF method is appropriate for keeping checks on the growth of an embryo. Doctors can watch an embryo's development with the use of an embryoscope. Another reason to utilize this sophisticated IVF Technique is to identify any issues with growing embryos.

  • Surrogacy

There are instances where a female can produce healthy eggs but cannot provide the ideal conditions for embryo growth. In these situations, using a surrogate mother or surrogacy is advised. Surrogacy is considered a reputable IVF technique in India among the more advanced ones. The surrogate mother serves as both the incubator and the site of implantation for the developing embryo.

Regular psychological sessions are another advantage of using this IVF technique to resolve emotional difficulties.

  • Egg-Donation

The donation of eggs is made on a big scale, just like the donation of sperm. Egg donation is the preferred approach in cases of female infertility or the inability of the female to generate viable eggs. Additionally, a higher maternal age may cause the egg reserve to be depleted. The process is dependable because India has a decent success record.

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Success Rate of IVF Treatment in India

India has a very high success rate for IVF compared to other countries, supported by some of the most modern techniques, highly skilled, experienced medical professionals, and top-notch infrastructure. The most successful IVF clinic in India has a lot of happy patients, demonstrating the procedure's efficacy. However, a few circumstances decline the chances of success, such as a patient's age, previous pregnancy, and different fertility.

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